Person to Person


The Idea

The client approached my team with the idea of a website that was a “convenient and localized skill and hobby sharing [site], tailored towards a user’s interest and/or mentor’s expertise.” Unlike other skill-share and tutorial websites, the client wanted emphasize the relationship between mentor and user to help facilitate learning. With this idea the client brought us their business model canvas and a robust list of features they wanted on the site.


Project Specs

Role: UX Designer
Project Type: Graduation school class project
Project Span: 10 weeks
Project Spec: Learn business perspective of a project (client interactions, iterations, low-fidelity prototyping)


Feature List

Our team was given a broad feature list compiled by the business.


Taking the business goals and objects the team was able to narrow the feature list down to 15 key features.



User Stories

After the key features were approved by the business, the team developed user stories to help guide us in determining the various potential users that would come to the site.


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Initial Wireframes

Once the market research and user stories were compiled the team drew up the initial wireframes to present to the client.


Refined Wireframes

After presenting the initial wireframes to the client we took their feedback and fleshed out the wireframes further.



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Next Steps

On a high level the client liked the direction the team was headed. The next steps for the project would be to start user testing to have them test the information architecture and see if the site objectives were clear to the user.